Table of Latitude, Longitude …

Each link below displays a table based on indicated page(s) in FitzRoy's Appendix, with locations listed in same order as printed page.
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England, Azores & Cape Verde Islands6550°22'00" – 00°55'30"moving south
Brazil and Plata6503°50'00" – 36°18'30"Click globe button to change image.
Pampa65-6636°28'00" – 41°02'00"moving south
Eastern Patagonia66-6740°40'00" – 49°59'20"
Falkland Islands67-6957°31'45" – 61°27'30"longitudes, moving west
South of 50°69-7763°43'15" – 75°31'45"
West Coast of Patagonia77-7849°58'20" – 47°28'55"moving north
Chonos Archipelego78-7947°10'00" – 43°43'00"
Archipelego of Chiloé79-8043°41'50" – 41°56'00"
Coast of Chile80-8241°45'30" – 25°02'30"
Coast of Peru82-8424°40'00" – 02°13'00"
Galápagos Islands8401°39'30" – 01°25'00"Return to Galápagos website